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PowerSTAR Benefits

The unique PowerSTAR technology is designed to extract maximum possible power from your solar panels.

The PowerSTAR regulator is designed to supply your batteries with more current when you need it most, during cool and cloudy periods.

Solar installations are designed around the worst-case scenario.

The number of panels required in a system is dependent on the average peak sun-hours for the month with the lowest solar radiation levels.

With PowerSTAR, the solar input required is significantly less compared with a conventional regulator system.

The PowerSTAR is able to extract the maximum power out of your solar array by use of high efficiency DC-DC conversion. Conventional regulators are not able to get as much power out when the panel is cool. At a cell temperature of 25°C, the PowerSTAR can transfer up to 30% more power to your batteries than a conventional regulator.

PowerSTAR allows smaller solar panels to be used, thereby resulting in a significant reduction in system costs.

System Operation

PowerSTAR (Switch Technology Advanced Regulator) works by ensuring that the battery charging voltage is maintained at the optimum level under all operating conditions.

The system incorporates advanced switch mode concepts and microprocessor technology to monitor operating parameters and adjust the system to maintain peak performance at all times.

Conventional regulators are only able to extract the power out of the panel corresponding to the battery voltage, which ranges from about 12V to 14V.

PowerSTAR finds the optimal operating point for the system according to environmental conditions, and using high efficiency DC to DC conversion, maximises power transfer to the battery.

Configuration Flexibility

The PowerSTAR system facilitates easy installation and configuration using a PC based Data Terminal.

The configuration terminal supports communication with PowerSTAR via an RS-232 data link, and allows all essential operating parameters to be easily entered and verified.

The computer also manages the extraction and download of operational data from the inbuilt PowerSTAR data logger.

PowerSTAR automatically logs the last 400 days of operational data, thereby facilitating analysis of system operation.

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