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Solar Farmlight

Solar Farmlight

The Solar Farmlight is a tough remote lighting solution that runs entirely from solar power, enabling you to install it anywhere you like. Inside a shed, on a fence post, at a remote pumping station or maybe allowing you to work into the night at the sheep yards. Featuring a series of upgrade options, it comes standard with one super bright LED flood-flight, one 20 watt solar panel, a remote switch and mounting kit. Up to 4 pre-wired floodlights can be installed on each Solar Farmlight, with a 40 watt solar panel upgrade kit also available. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the waterproof Solar Farmlight is quick and simple to install. No wiring and no electrician required. Simply plug and play. With smart features built in such as maximum power point tracking, auto switch off, time out warning and low battery alarm, Solar Farmlight is your number one choice for lighting up the hay shed, implement shed or any area where you need reliable lighting without mains power.

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Solar Farmlight Brochure (pdf)

Solar Shed Light
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