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12V/24V 20A PWM Controller : SC-2420 Controller

SC24V20A PWM Controller

The ROC-SOLID 12 Volt/24 Volt 20 Amp PWM Controller is an affordable entry level product which uses a microprocessor to provide SOC (State Of Charge) management functions, This in turn controls the charge current using PWM Technology and controls the supply of power to the load(s) according to the voltage and capacity of the battery.


SC Series PWM Controller Brochure (pdf)


SC-2420 PWM Controller user manual Ver1 (pdf)


The ROC-SOLID SC-2420 PWM Controller incorporates the following features :

  • LCD display shows the battery volts, charging and load current alternatively

  • Data logging of charge and discharge currents

  • Automatic system voltage sensing for 12V/24V application

  • Controller can simultaneously charge battery and supply load

  • Reverse Polarity Protection for Solar Panel input

  • Lightning surge protection

  • Two Stage charging

  • On completion of charging, maintain the battery on ‘float charge’

  • Prevention for battery over-charging

  • Prevention for battery over-discharging

  • Reverse Polarity Protection for battery

  • Automatic temperature compensation

  • Load over current protection

  • Load short circuit protection

  • Automatic load disconnect at low battery voltage

  • Automatic load reconnect upon battery voltage recovery

  • LED Status indicators

Technical Parameters

  • Rated Voltage : 12V/24V Automatic voltage detection

  • Maximum Solar Current : 20 Amp

  • Maximum Load Current : 20 Amp

  • Full charge cut out Voltage : 13.7V/27.4V Default (user settable)

  • Low voltage cut out Voltage : 10.5V/21V Default (user settable)

  • Temperature compensation : -3mv/degrees C/cell

  • No Load loss : ≤20mA (when configured in 12V system) ≤30mA (when configured in 24V system)

  • Max wire diameter : 6mm2

  • Ambient temperature : -25C to +55C

  • Solar Panel input Voltage : 20V (12V System) 40V (24V System) *note: panel, battery and load nominal voltages should always be the same

  • Solar Panel Voc Max : 50V

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