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Roc-Solid MPPT Regulator & PWM Controller : Quality Systems

Quality Accreditations

ROC-SOLID Technologies recognizes the importance of product quality, safety, and reliability, and place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring the integrity of the processes associated with the supply of our products.

The following international quality accreditations and certifications are applied to the manufacture and design of our products:

  • ISO-9001 Accreditation (PCB & product graphic designs)
  • ISO-9002 Accreditation (electronic manufacturing)
  • Underwriters Laboratory Approval (PCB manufacture)
  • IPC standards (product manufacture and assembly)

These standards and accreditations collectively play a key part in assuring product traceability, process uniformity, and conformity to product specification.


Product Testing Program

ROC-SOLID Technologies products have all been subjected to extensive field testing in realistic operational environments to ensure that design integrity and operational reliability are achieved at the highest possible standards.

To ensure long life under realistic conditions, the PowerSTAR products have been trialled in an environment that represents:

  • Thermal extremes of hot and cold
  • Typical exposure to moisture and humidity
  • Extremes of shock and vibration


Product Reliability

ROC-SOLID MPPT Regulator & PWM Controller range are designed to withstand the harsh environments in which the equipment will typically be operated.

The design integrity and operational reliability incorporates many man years of engineering design effort  and has been subject to the most rigorous laboratory and field testing to ensure the highest levels of operational reliability.


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